Muscle Activation Therapy


softball player living a fullness of life. pain free and injury free through with muscle activation technique at muscle works chiropractic of farmington utah.

Why Muscles ‘Shut Down'”

One of the most important abilities your body has is the ability to respond to its environment. When you’re cold, you shiver; when you’re hot, you sweat. And when you sustain an injury, your body will respond in a way to protect your muscles from tearing. Inside of each of your muscles are special receptors known as Golgi Tendon Organs, or GTOs. When you are injured, these receptors will tell your brain if the muscle has been stretched beyond its normal limits and will “shut down” the muscle to keep it from tearing.

A common example of this is seen in car accidents. Whiplash injuries during a car accident are caused by overstretching of muscles all while they flex to keep the head from going through the front window. This stretching causes tears in the muscle. If the muscle continues to contract, the tears can become worse. As a defense against this, your muscles “shut down” to protect them while they heal. Sometimes, the muscles will not “turn back on” on their own. That is where the Muscle Activation Technique comes into play.

How Muscle Activation Works

Advances in our understanding of muscle physiology have led us to know what makes a muscle work. The Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) that initially helped the muscle to shut off as a protective mechanism can also be used to reactivate them as well. This is done by stimulating the GTOs where they are found, at the attachment sites of the muscles. By applying deep pressure with your fingers or an instrument to the area where GTOs reside, millions of messages are sent per second back to the brain to revamp the neural pathways that connect the brain and muscle. This will, in turn, reset the entire system, and the results are instantaneous—the muscle will be much stronger and will be able to lock in the restored neural connection. This effect, however, is not permanent unless combined with the other half of the Muscle Activation Technique.

For thousands of years, oriental doctors and scholars have been studying and utilizing a mysterious healing art that is based on the idea that energy flows through the body in specific ways. When this energy is blocked, it can cause muscles to “shut down,” along with other health issues. At Muscle Works, we utilize this ancient healing art. We utilize acupressure to unblock the body’s channels of energy so that the natural flow of energy is restored. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture in that we use the same points; however, instead of using needles to stimulate those points, we use our fingers to do the same thing.

With the Western and Eastern methods of treatment combined, the muscles that we activate will stay activated indefinitely, unless you reinjure them through some sort of trauma. You will see huge differences in your ability to perform and function—whether it is to enjoy a morning hike or to compete at an elite level, Muscle Works will help you reach your highest potential and stay injury free.